Veda Praxis provides thorough independent assurance review of business process and control through in-depth assessment, including interview, document review and system observation, that integrates the requirements of each business unit and the company’s long term objectives.

Service Type

Governance Assurance
We ensure the management’s ability to operate the organization sustainably, legally, ethically, and successfully for the benefit of stakeholders, shareholders, employees, and clients by providing the appropriate framework to manage the organization.
Risk Management & Internal Control Assurance
We help minimize, monitor and control the potential or impact of unfortunate events by identifying, prioritizing and evaluating risk as well as optimizing opportunities.

We also help companies achieve operational effectiveness and efficiency, credible financial reporting, and compliance with policies, laws, and regulations through audits.

Compliance Assurance
We ensure compliance with regulations, policies and procedures and their incorporation into the company’s structure, functions and day-to-day business processes by delivering evidence of implementation to regulatory bodies.
Strategic Assurance
We help companies gain success and the trust of the stakeholders by ensuring that every plan, project and portfolio has been in line with the company’s long-term strategy, is well managed, and has the proper support.
Information Security Assurance
We ensure that any form of confidential, sensitive and private information or data is secure from unauthorized access, use, misuse, disclosure, destruction, modification, or disruption by ensuring the appropriate processes and methodologies are appropriate and integrating awareness into the company culture.
Project Management Office (PMO) Assurance
We ensure the fulfillment of every project scope quality, deadline, and cost expectation by verifying processes, methods, skills, knowledge, and experience, both planned and implemented.

Other Services


Review as well as improvement and development solutions tailored to every client.


Implementation guidance to ensure all solutions are executed effectively and consistently.


Customized supervision for day-to-day operation within the agreed scope.