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Semarang, Surabaya, Makassar

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Ho Chi Minh City, Kuala Lumpur


Techlab, Crystal, Anggraeni & Partners, ID Comm, Inovdi

About Us


Founded in 2005, Veda Praxis has been operating under its namesake philosophy of “Practicing Knowledge”. For more than 18 years, Veda Praxis has been a Governance Business Advisor that offers Assurance, Advisory, Implementation and Outsourcing services for different industries and sectors.

Veda Praxis is committed to staying relevant and empathetic to the client through tailored solution towards a sustainable business. Managed by experts and professionals, Veda Praxis is always working towards becoming an Advanced Advisor in Asia.


“To become an advanced advisory service provider focusing on business governance in Asia.”


  • Integrate in-depth knowledge and relevant experience to deliver applicable solution.
  • Optimize synergy among our diverse services to engineer solution beyond client’s needs.
  • Archieve rapid business growth by actively involved in business ecosystems and establishing our brand recognition.

Our Journey

The last 17 years have given us extensive experience in formulating the most effective strategies for each client based on deep understanding of their needs.

Our Expert

We have a team of certified experts from various industry backgrounds with decades of experience across different sectors.

Our Value

Ethics, integrity and credibility are ingrained within our people through the values we uphold in our effort to meet client expectations and provide world-class services.


We partner with leading local and international firms and experts to add value to our services.