Veda Praxis Vietnam Launching & 18th Anniversary

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We have one exciting news to celebrate!
December is not just a month of festivities; it’s a month of milestones for Veda Praxis! In the grand celebration of our 18th anniversary, we’re thrilled to announce the launching of our brand-new office, Veda Praxis Vietnam!
December 1, 2023, marked the day of celebration in four vibrant cities – Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, and Jakarta, Semarang, and Surabaya in Indonesia. Our hybrid event brought together internal teams, partners, and collaborators, transcending borders and embracing the spirit of collaboration.

The celebration kicked off with an inspiring speech from Mr. Toan Nguyen, our Partner and General Manager of Veda Praxis Vietnam, setting the stage for an exhilarating journey ahead. “Vietnam’s economic growth is projected to soar by 20% between 2023 and 2025, making it a digital powerhouse in Southeast Asia. We see boundless opportunities in Vietnam, and we are here to eliminate the gaps,” exclaimed Mr. Toan.
The event also featured Mr. Agustaviano Sofjan, the General Consul of the Republic of Indonesia in Ho Chi Minh City, who emphasized the strength of the strategic partnership between Indonesia and Vietnam. “Veda Praxis has chosen the perfect time to open a representative office in Vietnam,” he declared.
Our Partner and CEO, Syahraki Syahrir (Raki), unveiled our vision for Vietnam – an ecosystem where regulators, universities, industry associations, and partners collaborate to drive progress. “With 300 million internet users and similar challenges in digitization, Indonesia and Vietnam are set to become digital hubs in Southeast Asia,” Mr. Raki shared.
Dadan Gunawan, CIA, Partner and COO of Veda Praxis, affirmed our commitment to building ecosystems. “We focus on the needs of regulators, governments, industry, and professional associations. Clients will follow where ecosystems thrive,” he asserted.

The celebration reached its peak with a symbolic drum ceremony, embodying Veda Praxis Vietnam new beginning, unity, and togetherness. Mr. Agustaviano, Mr. Raki, Mr. Dadan, and Mr. Harry Dahlan participated in the ceremony in Vietnam , and at the same time in Jakarta, Mr. Aris Hartono, Mr. Irvan Finaldy, Mr. Gatot T. Geni, and Ms. Imelda Cardiana, also engaged in the ceremony session on behalf of Veda Praxis Indonesia.

As introduction to the Vietnam’s guests, a brief remarks are delivered from Veda Praxis Principal, Ms. Imelda Cardiana joined by Veda Praxis Semarang Branch Manager, Mr. Indra Stefanus, Veda Praxis Surabaya Branch Manager, Mr. Widi Nugraha, and the representative of Veda Praxis Makassar, Mr. Apriliando Putra, echoing our shared success and followed by their heartwarming congratulatory messages.

Mr. Raki then wrapped the event up with heartfelt gratitude for everyone in attendance, extending a spirited invitation to go on the journey to success together.
This marks a milestone for Veda Praxis, as it’s the first time we’ve hosted an event in two countries simultaneously, and it was nothing short of spectacular! A massive shoutout and heartfelt thanks to each and every individual who played a role in making this event a seamless success—your support is immeasurable, and we couldn’t be more grateful!

Special thanks to our esteemed partners – Mr. Duy Nguyen (Partner, Crystal Technology Solution), Mr. Dung Nguyen Bui (CEO, Techlab Corporation), Mr. Fajar Rachmadi (Managing Director, INOVDI – Digital Southeast Asia), Mr. Dian Nugroho (Sales Director, INOVDI), Mrs. Anastia Putri (Director – ID COMM), and Ms. Tyas Sastradipradja (Business Development Director – ID Comm) for celebrating with us!

Let’s embark on this exciting journey together, building robust ecosystems in Vietnam, Indonesia, and throughout Southeast Asia!

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